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Large Tattoo Thermal Machine

Brand-New Graphical Transfer Painted Machine, Tattoo Transfer Paper Machine

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Tattoo Thermal Machine

The Machine all work worldwide

Power Source: AC 100V - AC 240V, 50Hz - 60Hz (For US, UK, AU, EU Plug)
Power Consumption: Standby/Waiting state 5w, Scanning print 50w
Processing speed: 9600BPS
Main line transfer density:8 Roots/mm
Read Way: CIS plane read, plane record
Read Range: A4, Effective 208mm
Machine Size: Lenght 380mm, Width 300mm, Height 116mm
Temperature Range for USE: 5-35 Degree
Weight is about 9 KG

1. Make power line into electric socket (AC 100V - AC 240V 50Hz/60Hz),
founction display will show [PRESS STOP KEY] then press [STOP] key, make
machine waiting state.

2. Professional transfer paper
There are 4 transfer paper(A,B,C,C), transfer paper(B,D), get rid of page A and Page C, still remain page B and page D.

1.Lightly press the hot transfer clop open, then close switch.
2.Put the transfer paper page B and D into, transfer paper enterence page B up, Page D align down.
3.Revolve press hot trandfering printing clip both end, close after emitting sound, transfer paper
keep about 15min outside afer covering.

1.Manuscript surface middle down insert, automation go into a little after touching manuscript inductor,
stop when hear sound.
2.Warnning: dont use this machine of manuscript like as follow,maybe machine malfunction appear, please
copy in copycal then use.
-Manuscript with toutuous stripe
-Manuscript surface slick
-Carbon copy manuscript
-Much tortile manuscript
-Bad Manuscript
-Too thick Manuscript

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